Information, order, delivery and payment

The price is for a pair (two pieces).


Glass hemispherical or flat.

Fixing to choose from:
- On a stick (to put on the glue, either)
- On a hang tab (sew)
- Without fastening

Payment on the card of the Savings Bank.
Chance of receiving remittances.
Perhaps the bill with PayPal in the dollar currency for foreign customers.

Execution time on average 3-4 days after payment.

Sending the first class.

Shipping cost 10$, regardless of order size.
Sending abroad - in any country, the price is the same: 10$!
Sending TC discussed separately, is more expensive


Eyes can be baked in the polymer clay.
Perfect for working with samozatverdevaykoy.
You can use superglue and generally any glues, most importantly, without fanaticism.

Do not keep his eyes on the open sunlight.

Do not wash in a washing machine.

Any cases of marriage, or the existence of any problems please e-mail: adelkawalka@gmail.com, do not forget to attach photos to the letter.